Hello! my friend! My name is Aniket Sharma. I am photoholic. Camera is my best friend. Want to become a hotspot photographer. Don’t be awestruck while seeing my photos. I am just a teenager. India is my birth country. I love street history and clicking common peoples photos. The beauty of nature is infinite which I share with you. I am all around the world with my blog!

  1. I am not able to pull up your photographs on my macbook. Do I need to contact you first? Thanks

      1. Warm hello from Texas and best wishes with your lightspot on your creative photography ?

  2. Dear Ankit,
    i like your blog, and your work is amazing, the most important and appreciable thing you do with your blog is, you mentioned details like about camera, focal length , ISO,
    very are photographer have courage to share technical details. it shows your confidence in your work.
    Keep Updating and clicking.
    And thanks for liking my work too.

  3. Hello Aniket,
    I have been a fan of your amazing photographs. There is one called “Beautiful Sky” that calls out to me and would go well with a poem which I’m working on for my blog. Would you allow me to use your photo, and I’ll link it back to your blog? No worries if you would rather I do not; just thought I’d cross my fingers and ask.

    Thank you,

      1. Oh, I completely understand. I’ve done these for fellow bloggers who see it as a kind of free advertisement for their blog, so they don’t charge me. No worries, sir. Thank you for contacting me! You do amazing work 🙂

  4. Hello, Aniket! How wonderful to meet you. My grandfather was a photographer before WWII, and taught my mother how to have a good eye for photos. Now my son wants to make films. I write, but I love photography for the inspiration to be found in vivid imagery.

    1. Thank you for nominating
      Cheers form Aniket sharma ?

  5. Great blog with beautifully captured images. Greetings of Happy New Year 2016 to you and your family from Penang, Malaysia.

  6. Hello Aniket ~

    I love your blog here on WordPress and so am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    Congrats and Enjoy! You do have an exceptional site ~ and I so enjoy your work and insights!


    1. Thanks for nominating me as a versatile blogger award.

  7. Can’t find your “follow” button. I’d love to follow your beautiful posts. Thanks. Best, Prof. Mitch

  8. Your photography is great.

    I’ve started following your site. I think it’s awesome.
    Keep it up ?

    And, if you have time, check out my other site – urvashishowcase.wordpress.com
    I’m 11 yrs old from India and I write poetry and reviews.

    Your photography is EPIC
    Just saying.

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  10. As young as you are, your photography skills are great! Here’s hoping I can achieve those kinds of shots in the future. Keep it up!

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