Beautiful sunset

beautiful sunset



34 thoughts on “A beautiful sunset in dehradun”

  1. magical snapshots.Just goes on to show that we all live in the same world…yet it looks so much more beautiful from the right perspective.Keep it up man!!!

    Btw I write a blog too.It’s about film reviews.Do check it if you have some time.All feedback is appreciated.

  2. Beautiful shot. Perfect timing for the lighting. You seem to be very patient as a photographer. Tell me, why is the sky so red? Actually, everything is red. Is it because of the somewhat uniform color of the dwellings? The sand? The scene is literally saturated. Truly a remarkable photograph.

          1. Aniket,

            Thanks for your reply. I have always wanted to visit India, but I got caught up in a hell storm of addiction for nearly 40 years. That’s four decades my friend. Think of the things I could have done and the places I could have seen with that wasted time and money. I’m 57, receiving disability payments from the government for a back injury but on the “fast track” to return to full-time employment. I am a writer and a psychology student who intends to earn a master’s degree of fine arts in creative writing. Who knows? Perhaps I finish a book or two, get published, and then be able to afford getting on a plane. I dream of India, France Italy, Australia. But, alas, I am stuck (for now) in this small college town on the Susquehanna River in Selinsgrove, PA (check it out on Google Earth) writing, studying, learning, observing, blogging. I am happy lately. I think it’s going to be a great day. I look forward to more of your photographs. Help me to get outside of myself my friend. That’s a great gift. God bless.

            Steve (a/k/a The Accidental

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